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Wow this is really kind of a trashpile right now, stand by for reorganisation. NEARLY EVERYTHING IN HERE IS INCREDIBLY OLD. Also many of the harpg scribbles will be moved over to ~ridiculoushorses



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New Zealand
hey wow so uh

long time, right? what the hell was i doing last time i was on here? cos like ... there's nearly nothing left in my gallery ... and what's left is very questionable... mainly because it was uploaded in like, 2006. I can't believe how old some of this shit is, i mean it's nice to have it up for nostalgia, but preferably buried behind like 6 pages of other stuff, you know? sweet jesus.


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Ithildae Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004
:D Wow ... I didn't expect anyone to talk to me! :dohtwo:
Aw, shucks ... :hug: Thanks... :blushes:

*is having too much fun with emoticons*

:eye: I am actually gonna put some work up here, honest ... not that I've got anything exactly brilliant at the moment ... :dohtwo: ... but hey.

:flame: :dubious:
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